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10 Fitness Experts on how to stay motivated when it gets cold



By Amelia Bowe.

Friday, 18th March 2016, as featured on the Cosmopolitan website.

1. Keep your immunity boosted and invested in your wardrobe, says Emma Seibold, Founder of Barre Body.

"Heat your room in the morning to help you get out of bed and get yourself some warm active wear for to and from your workout. Also during the winter season, coughs, colds and the flu are more common so to stay well and on track for your fitness goals, it's important to boost your immunity. An essential in my health regime is olive leaf extract, which I take during and leading up to the winter months to boost my wellbeing and immunity. Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf Extract is a powerful antioxidant, with five times more antioxidant activity than the equivalent amount of vitamin C."

2. Stay at home or plan a smoothie date, says Lenny Chadd, Celebrity Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert at FIT Nutrition Fix.

"If you don't feel like heading outside in the cold, plan a routine that you can do at home and try some indoor tabata training with no equipment. Pick four exercises for a circuit like squats, burpees, lunges and ab crunch to get your heart rate going."

"Plan a smoothie date with a friend after the gym to give that extra incentive to leave the house and get moving. No one ever regretted a workout!"

3. Join a group training class or book a holiday, says Maddy Williams, Head Coach of Bikini Bods.

"Being part of a group that trains together means you'll have no choice but to build amazing friendships, especially through the pain of all those burpees and squats. A training group will motivate you far better than you could by yourself and will mean you'll actually start to look forward to going."

"Book a holiday to the hottest tropical destination you can right in the middle of winter. Nothing will keep you on track with your training and food more than the prospect of a tropical beach in your bikini."

4. Don't slow down, says Blake Worrall-Thompson, Celebrity Personal Trainer and 6W2S Founder.

"As soon as you lose that momentum it can be harder to gain so maintain your same routine the whole way through and set yourself a goal for August or September to stay on track."

5. Create an indoor circuit, says Cameron Byrnes, Australian Institute of Fitness graduate and Celebrity Personal Trainer.

"I put together indoor circuits with some basic home equipment like a barbell and medicine ball. I also look at what the local gym has and incorporate more indoor stuff to illuminate the 'it's too cold' excuse."

6. Buddy up, says Luke Hines, CEO of The Paleo Way.

"Whether its buddying up with a friend to support each other or using a fitbit to track your steps and calories burned, being accountable to not only yourself but others is sure fire way to reach your goals quicker with epic results."

7. Set a goal and embrace the cold, says Michelle Bridges, Australian Institute of Fitness graduate, Personal Trainer and Media Personality.

"Set a goal, such as training for a half marathon. Having an achievable target in mind will enable you to stay focused, stay consistent and make no excuses with your fitness throughout the year even when the weather turns."

"Also, embrace the cold. In the stifling summer months, it can be too hot to run or train outside. The cooler months are the perfect time to get in that outdoor run or beach-side boot camp session and recovering can then also be a lot easier."

8. Be prepared and try meditation, says Georgia van Tiel, Exercise Science Specialist and Co-Founder of Bodypass.

"Get out of bed and just do it. My car is full rain jackets, beanies, gloves and a spare pair of shoes, nothing is going to stop this lady from working out. One thing I really look forward to every morning is my meditation when it's still dark, as I find this is often the best time to practice. It's the one time of the day where no one is emailing you, nobody needs to talk to you, so you have peace and quiet. Try 10-20 minutes of meditation every morning for the ultimate booster to your day."

9. Book into classes and go to cosy studios, says Carla McMillan, Yoga Teacher and Co-Founder of Bodypass.

"I book into classes so it's in my calendar. It keeps me accountable no matter what the weather and forces me to show up. I also find arranging to meet a friend or even a date for a class works, as I don't want to let my mates down. I also like to go to studios that are warm and cosy, a hot yoga class always makes me feel great and so does a swim and sauna at Icebergs."

10. Concentrate on why you train as opposed to the weather, says Lauren Hannaford, IsoWhey Sports ambassador.

"I try not to let seasons or weather influence me or allow them to govern my results of training. We don't train because the weather is nice, we train because it makes us feel good. This is what I try and what I encourage clients to focus on. Focus on how good you feel after each training session and continue to come back for the feeling."