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5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Immunity



As featured on the 5 Things I know About website. Post date: 12th July, 2016.

Kick winter colds and flu to the curb with these five easy ways to boost your immunity. Bless you!

You’ll need all your strength and gusto to win those snowball fights and skate laps around the ice rink this winter, and Emma Siebold, founder of Barre Body, knows just the trick to get it. Emma, who is a certified yoga teacher, Pilates instructor and holistic health and wellness coach, is, not surprisingly, a picture of health. But she’s also one busy lady. With eight Barre Body studios in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and a rapidly expanding business, not to mention being a mum to two little children, she knows just how important it is to boost your immunity during the cold and flu season. Here, Emma shares the five surprising immune boosters she swears by…

1. Have fun

Who would have thought? But a little chuckle, or even better, a belly laugh, is actually good for your immune system. “Laughter helps you to relax, reduces your stress levels, and leaves you feeling happier and more optimistic – and all of those things contribute to a strong immune system,” explains Emma. “If you’re starting to feel burnt out, don’t forget to schedule time for fun activities such as hobbies, your favourite sporting activities, or catch-ups with family and friends. A nice dinner with your friends or family can do wonders for your state of mind and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.”

2. Keep your body moving and sweat

Breaking sweat (not the kind of sweat bought on by a fever!), is an immune booster all year round – so peel your backside of the sofa! “It’s important to maintain a regular exercise routine during the cooler months, even though you might not feel like it,” advises Emma. “Regular exercise, like going for a run on a sunny winter’s day or doing a Barre Body, Pilates or yoga class will support your body to function properly. Regular exercise can also help you to sleep better at night.”

3. Enjoy more nourishing meals

It was the great Greek physician Hippocrates who famously said, ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’ And who are we to argue with him? As long as they are the wholesome and nutritious foods, of course. “As the weather gets cooler I tend to crave denser and more nourishing foods,” explains Emma. “A healthy way to meet these cravings is to make some nutrient dense warming soups, curries and casseroles with warming spices such as cumin, cinnamon and nutmeg – yum!”

4. Manage your stress levels

It may be easier said than done, but reducing stress is crucial for a strong immune system, according to Emma. “Tension and stress wreak havoc on the body and may result in symptoms such as weight gain and even cardiovascular disease,” she warns. “If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try taking a walk in the fresh air or practice meditative breathing techniques. Whenever you can, try to leave your work at work and don’t check or reply to emails once you leave the office.”

5. Try Olive Leaf Extract

Like we need an excuse to get more olive goodness into our lives, but this new spin on the healthy olive leaf has bonus benefits. “To boost my wellbeing and immunity I take Comvita Fresh-Picked Olive Leaf Extract,” says Emma. “Antioxidants act as ‘free radical scavengers’, preventing and repairing damage done by free radicals which can make the body sick. Powerful antioxidants in Olive Leaf Extract help to fight free radical damage and support the immune system. And if I do fall sick, it can help to relieve coughs, colds and flu, sore throats and upper respiratory tract infections.”