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A Wellness Expert's Guide to Winter



As featured on the Women's Fitness website. Posted on 10th July, 2016.

Cold mornings, rained-out workouts and shorter days – no wonder most of us want to hibernate right through winter. We can’t offer you a time machine, but we can help you out with some expert tips for surviving the cold front. We asked yoga teacher, holistic health coach and Barre Body founder Emma Seibold to share her winter wellness rituals…

1. Keep moving with morning workouts

It’s definitely harder to get out of bed in winter, however I try to stay consistent with exercise during the cooler months to help keep my immune system strong, my body functioning properly and for my general wellbeing and mood. I do workouts indoors like yoga, pilates and my Barre Body Online Studio which I can do from my living room. Heating my bedroom in the morning and investing in some nice, warm outer-activewear helps get me out of bed on a cold morning.

2. Dodge colds with antioxidants

During the winter season, coughs, colds and flu are more common so to stay well I take Comvita Fresh-Picked Olive Leaf Extract, as it’s full of immune boosting antioxidants. I add 15mL of Olive Leaf Extract to loose leaf peppermint tea, with fresh lemon, fresh ginger and a spoonful of Manuka honey. To help ward off winter cold and flus while I’m travelling, Olive Leaf Extract capsules are a must in my carry-on!

3. Focus on nutrition

In winter I tend to eat mostly warming foods as well as more vitamin C-rich fruits including oranges, grapefruit and pineapple. The sweetness of the fruit gives my body the pick-me-up it needs and the vitamin C and antioxidants help to support my immune system. I also snack on vitamin-rich sauerkraut and make my own nutrient-packed broth, which I have on its own before a meal.

4. Eat nourishing meals

As tempting as so-called ‘comfort’ foods may be, I avoid heavy sauces, large amounts of dairy, or excess simple carbohydrates that can leave me feeling drowsy and uncomfortable and therefore less likely to want to exercise. I prefer to eat warming, nourishing foods that I cook myself: curries, soups and casseroles with plenty of vegetables and protein are my favourite go-to one pot meals.

5. Get an early night

Our body repairs itself most while we’re asleep, so I try to get 7+ hours of sleep, particularly in winter. I dim the lights an hour before going to bed and avoid the temptation to stare at my phone and laptop, which can overstimulate the brain and impact sleep. I also take some magnesium 30 minutes before bed, which helps relieve muscle tension and support a good night’s sleep.