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Back to school


back-to-school Going back to school can be a stressful time for families. For the parents – getting back into a routine, including washing uniforms, packing lunches and making sure the kids do their homework. For the kids - facing the realisation that holiday freedom is over and they’re now one grade older, which can mean more responsibility and possibly a different school. And don’t forget about the teachers, they have the pressure to set the class curriculum for a new year and start positive relationships with new students.

Brooke was the winner of our “GOURMET WELLBEING WEEKEND” promotion in 2014. Brooke, is a school teacher who loves Comvita Olive Leaf Extract because it helps boost her immune system and keep school bugs away.

We checked in with Brooke to see what she has been up to and if she has any tips to get back into the school routine:

Q. Congratulations on winning the ‘WIN A GOURMET WELLBEING WEEKEND” competition. Have you had a chance to enjoy your prizes yet?
A. Thank you, I'm still so ecstatic about winning the prize! I have booked in the getaway for early in March, which I am counting down to and I have been enjoying trying all the new products from the gift hamper.

Q. Did you get up to anything exciting over the summer holidays?
A. I managed to get away on a few camping trips over summer. Most of them last minute decisions, depending on the weather. I love getting away, even if it is for a couple of nights. We went to Paradise Valley, Cumberland River and a hiking trip to my favourite place, Wilson's Promontory National Park. I always feel so positive after a camping trip.

Q. How do you prepare for going back to school?
A. I believe it's really important to use the holidays to rest and re-energise for another busy year ahead. It doesn't take long to feel overwhelmed again, so it's important to look after yourself and start the year as fresh and positive as you can be. Of course I constantly plan in my head and I spend numerous days in my classroom prior to starting back to feel somewhat organised. However, a tired teacher is rarely an effective teacher, so it's so important to look after your own wellbeing (hard to remember sometimes!).

Q. Any tips for parents on how to get their kids back to routine?
A. I teach junior school so setting clear routines is essential to the new school year. Let children know you will be back and where you will collect them. Drop them off and pick them up on time to avoid anxiety.

Being organised is important for children but even more so is being independent and responsible for their own organisation skills. A simple example is having your child carry their own bag to class and unpack it themselves. This way they are responsible and proud to get themselves ready for a day of learning. 

If you have any more tips on going back to school, we’d love to hear from you! Click the share button below or email us at info@comvita.com.au