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It’s not hard to see why movement is important for our physical wellbeing, especially in a time where most of us are spending a lot more time indoors. Movement is essential in freeing us from the aches and pains created by sitting for long periods of time and it’s also a freeing experience for the mind. Using movement as a form of mindfulness is a valuable tool in helping us press the ‘reset’ button and allowing us to choose our current mindset.

In her first session for Comvita’s Wellness from Home program, Co-Founder and Director of Yoga at Flow Athletic, Kate Kendall, takes us through a ‘body rinse’, a moving meditation that centres on twists, hips and back to help re-centre our bodies as well as our minds.

"“Let him that would move the world, first move himself” once said ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates, reflecting how mindful movement has been recognised as essential for centuries.

What is a Moving Meditation?

Moving Meditation does not need years of yoga experience or any pre-existing meditation practice. And you don’t need to set up a spiritual space, your living room will do! A moving meditation simply consists of a handful of simple flow yoga poses, which are repeated to build familiarity with each movement, building confidence and focusing your attention to the strength of your body.

Key Areas to Move

Moving Meditations are a beautiful way to find some space in your body, with Kate’s body rinse for Comvita including a focus on postures related to your hips, back and hamstrings. Spending time in each of these areas are especially restorative for those with a sedentary lifestyle. There are no prizes for flexibility, so it’s important to never push your poses to the point of discomfort. As you go through your practice, notice where you feel sensations, and experience the power of sending breath to these areas of your body.

Benefits of twists and hip, back and hamstring poses

Even though the Moving Meditation is a mindful exercise, it’s great to know it’s doing good for your body. Keeping stability in the hip joints is essential for improving range of motion, especially helpful when it comes to sitting comfortably for extended periods of time. Finally, focusing on these areas helps to release any trapped physical and emotional tension – you really will amaze yourself at how simple movement can improve your mood!



Championing self-care, the Wellness From Home program by Comvita is designed to help all Australians to emerge from the ongoing situation more well than when it started.

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