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Clean your house the natural way


Clean-your-house-the-natural-way For most people, cleaning the house is a necessary, but not 100% enjoyable, task. But what if it were potentially harmful as well?

Mounting evidence suggests that ingredients present in standard household cleaning products can have detrimental effects on the health of anyone in contact with them. And according to Choice, manufacturers of these cleaning products don’t need to list the ingredients on the packaging. This makes it difficult to know what we are coming in contact with, which can be particularly important if someone in the family has sensitivities.

The use of antibacterial products have also come under scrutiny, with research showing that the overuse of antibacterial ingredients in cleaning products may be producing multi-antibiotic-resistant bacteria and are actually no more potent than using common household ingredients to clean. Triclosan, the antibacterial agent often found in these products, can also accumulate in the food chain, leading to the national regulatory authority currently reviewing their use.

Whether it is a synthetic fragrance that can cause migraines or phosphates that can cause widespread environmental damage when rinsed down the sink, it pays to look at minimising the use of household cleaners and moving towards more natural solutions.

Many people reach for the bleach to control mould but reaching for the vinegar is actually a better solution all round. Using bleach on mould may only be taking the colour out of the mould, making it invisible to the eye but still very much present, as well as stripping grout and tiles and making them more porous. Using a solution of 80% vinegar to 20% water in 3 buckets and, with a microfiber cloth, clean the mould off then dip in the second bucket and then the third. This helps to prevent cross-contamination.

Lavender oil is a great product to have around the house – add one teaspoon of lavender oil to one litre of water for an all-purpose cleaner (that leaves the house smelling nice too) and, if the same mix is used in a spray bottle, it can be used to spray on clothes to get the wrinkles out.

Bicarb soda is a fantastic cleaning agent and deodoriser. It can be used to clean surfaces, keep the fridge smelling nice and to get rid of coffee and tea stains. You can even clean your toilet and drains with it!

Using natural products doesn’t mean a second-rate job and can ensure that sensitivities are controlled, your house is sparkling clean and the environment is being looked after.