Comvita Olive Leaf Extract Packaging Changes - FAQs


Comvita Olive Leaf Extract Packaging Changes - FAQs

What is the reason for this packaging change?

Recent TGA regulatory changes (known as TGO92) require that labels for all listed medicines sold in Australia must comply with new rules around formatting and evidence-based claims. All labelling must be compliant with the new code by 2021. Comvita decided to take a lead on this and make our labels compliant ahead of schedule.

Has the product changed?

No, the product itself has not changed. The formulations are the same.

Why is there more active ingredient in the product now?

Our label claim has changed, but the formulation has not. We are now claiming a more accurate level of the naturally occurring active components that exists in our product. We standardise our liquid extract to two actives - Oleuropein and Hydroxytyrosol. The actives remain the same in the product, but the higher level is claimed on the label.

Is the product still suitable for children under 12?

As a reflection of the updated regulatory requirements we have changed the labelling recommendations for age, dosages and indications on the products. The dosages are set for children 12 years and above as well as adults for the listings and claims on Comvita Olive Leaf Extract liquids of 500mL and above plus capsules.

The Children’s Olive Leaf Extract Mixed Berry flavoured product (200mL) has been developed and designed for children 2 – 12 years.

Why have you removed the measuring cups?

We undertook a full review of packaging waste in our product lifecycle and decide to remove the plastic measuring cups to make our product less environmentally taxing. In addition, we received feedback that the measuring cups don’t always make it to the end consumer, so we feel the extra plastic packaging cannot be justified.

Has the product always been made in Australia?

Yes, our liquid extract is 100% Australian made and has been for over 20 years. We’ve decided to partner with Australian Made Campaign and include the official logo on our packaging so that our consumers can trust our claims.

Is this product the same as MediOlive66? Why is MediOlive66 no longer on the label?

Yes, it’s the same formulation as the previously labelled MediOlive66 liquid. Through research, our consumers told us that they did not really understand the MediOlive66 device meant. We decided to remove the device from our packaging to make our labels easier for consumers to read and understand. Our liquid extract is still manufactured under the MediOlive™ trademark.

When will the new labels be available?

The product with new packaging will start to move into trade from April 2020. For a period, there will be a mix of old and new packaging in market while the transition takes place. We have kept the new label design very close to the previous design to minimise consumer confusion. Importantly, we have retained our signature yellow label, which the majority of consumers look for when buying Olive Leaf Extract. This ensures consumers can still easily locate our brand on shelf.