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Down on the farm - Summer news


Down-on-the-farm-summer With Aaron Prior, Comvita® Olive Leaf Farm Manager.

Summer is nearly here and for the past few months we have been preparing for the hot dry weather. As summer is typically our dry season here in Queensland, we have needed to start conserving water to keep our trees happy and healthy throughout the next few months.

We have two dams, a seasonal creek and underground water that supply our water needs. Usually the creek is our main water source for the majority of the year, however in summer it dries up so our dams become our main water source. Our main dam was quite low at the end of winter this year as it has had no runoff water from lack of rain. So taking everything into account, we made a decision to pump water from our underground bores into our dam. Pumping water from our bores is quite a slow-process, but absolutely necessary to have water for our trees throughout summer.

Our dam is now at around 60% capacity. This level should see us through summer once we get drenched from a few good storms. We hope the weather is on our side this year and all the farming communities across western QLD and NSW have a very wet, wet season! better plant health = better olive leaf extract!