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Down on the farm - Winter news


Down-on-the-farm-winter With Aaron Prior, Comvita® Olive Leaf Farm Manager.
It is now the coldest time of the year for us on the farm, with frosty mornings and beautiful days. The olive trees are in a semi state of dormancy and with spring fast approaching it is the perfect time for us to apply our yearly nutrition program.

Every year we collect soil and leaf samples from the farm to see what our trees requirements are. We then can create a nutrition program to help the trees prosper through the coming spring and summer seasons.

Generally the tree requirements are similar year on year and because we are strongly focused on soil health, our nutrition program does not change much. With soil health being a major factor in the program, we use a lot of natural products to boost our soil biology. We use a lot of liquid seaweeds and natural rock products that feed the soil organisms, which are a crucial part of the soil health. They fertilize the soil by breaking down dead organism, plant material and natural products we apply to the soil. In return they release nutrients back into the soil which feed our trees.

Did you know that a pinch of healthy soil contains millions of organisms! And that the oldest fossil on Earth is a soil organism estimated to be a billion years old. Also they have been found up to 2kms deep in the Earth’s core. So you can see that looking after the health of our soils is very important and without a strong balance of soil biology, our soils would be lifeless and we wouldn’t be able to produce healthy olive leaf for our products.