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Eczema Awareness Month 2016


eczema-awareness-month-2016 As featured on the Eczema Association of Australsia (EAA) website, by Cheryl Talent, EAA President >  www.eczema.org.au

Our message for Eczema Awareness Month 2016 this year is about education and is aimed at parents, educators and school aged children.

It is a common and very sad reality that a lot of children and parents think that eczema is contagious and that sufferers of eczema are dirty.

We have parents of school aged children constantly contacting us for advice on how to stem the damage that bullies inflict on their child who can appear different because of their eczema and the way it looks. It’s heartbreaking and it’s a real problem!

Our hope is to address this problem with our Community Service Announcement which will appear on all television networks across Australia featuring “The Professor” presenting Eczema for Dummies.

This 30 second animation designed to educate viewers in a familiar environment – the classroom. We think that if we can even get one bully to change their behaviour and raise awareness on behalf of the Eczema Association because of this campaign – it would be fantastic.

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