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Finding the joy in healthy cooking

Healthy food isn’t only easy to prepare but also delicious, says Luke Hines, Australia’s Healthy Cook. Luke is on a mission to show Australia just how easy and enjoyable cooking can be and this week joins our Wellness from Home program to help you find more joy in the kitchen.

“Healthy food doesn’t need to be boring or difficult” says Luke. Using simple, Mediterranean ingredients Luke shows, step-by-step, how easy it is to create a delicious and nutritious meal full of flavour.

Watch our quick 20 minute session to see Luke share his tips and tricks for creating Crispy Skin Salmon with Crunchy Mediterranean Salsa, the perfect dish to help you embrace Timeless Wellness.

“Make the best use of what’s in your power and take the rest as it happens.” says Ancient Greek Philosopher Epictetus

Embracing the wisdom of ancient philosophers, Luke shows how their simple, practical wisdom is as true today as it was thousands of years ago.

Eating well with fresh and nutritious ingredients is one of the best ways to make use of what’s in our power, says Luke, encouraging us all to explore and discover the joy of healthy eating.

Championing self-care, the Wellness From Home program is designed to help all Australians to emerge from the ongoing situation more well than when it started. 

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