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In 2014 we were thrilled to have the lovely and talented Emma Seibold join us as Brand Ambassador for our Fresh-Picked Olive Leaf Extract. Emma is a fan of our product and our Fresh-Picked philosophy. Right from the beginning we knew Emma would be a perfect fit for our brand. She embodies our company values; to be caring, curious and courageous. Her commitment to healthy living is seen through all her achievements, starting up and continuously expanding her chain of Barre Body yoga studios and nurturing her blossoming family.

For Emma, like many busy Mums, managing work-life balance can be challenging, but staying fit and healthy is the key to keeping well, both mentally and physically. With such a full schedule, Emma is proactive in taking care of her immune system to avoid any nasty viruses. Taking Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf Extract is a part of her daily routine, “I can’t afford to get sick, so I take Comvita Fresh-Picked Olive Leaf Extract every day. Just 15ml’s in my morning smoothie and I’m set for a busy day”.

About Emma

Emma Seibold is a certified yoga teacher, STOTT pilates certified instructor and holistic health & wellness coach. She has trained with schools in New York, India, Sydney, Melbourne and Byron Bay. After a 10 year career in marketing, in 2009 Emma left the corporate world and founded the cult juice detox program Urban Remedy Cleanse, which continues to grow and thrive. In January 2015 Emma and husband Matt welcomed their second child to the world, baby daughter Isla Rose, a precious little sister for big brother Xavier. (No doubt you’ll catch these two little cherubs in the Barre Body studios sometime soon, practising their tiny downward dogs and happy baby postures!).

Having had a strong and dedicated ashtanga yoga practice for 8 years, Emma took a gentle approach to regain her pre-baby body by adding barre conditioning work to her yoga practice. Seeing a phenomenal change in the tone and shape of her muscles, she created Barre Body to share the technique with others looking for a strong, flowing, fun and highly effective work out.

Emma has enormous passion for all things relating to health and wellness and strives to lead a balanced life; eating well, living well, loving well and exercising well.

Winter tips

With winter just around the corner, Emma shares her top tips to survive and thrive through the cold season…

Sleep well – sleeping helps to keep you happy and sane and your body rested and rejuvenated

Eat well – cook yourself healthy, beautiful one-pot meals (soups, curries and casseroles that are packed with yummy vegies) that will fill you up and satisfy your cravings for heavier, nourishing foods in winter.

Take Olive Leaf Extract – packed with antioxidants, olive leaf extract is a great immune booster to avoid any winter bugs

Exercise – get out of bed even when you don’t want to. Staying fit and keeping your body in shape will make you happy.

Drink herbal tea – to keep your winter fluid intake up when its cooler out and you are less inclined to drink water

You can read more about Emma and Barre Body here: www.barrebody.com.au