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Grapeseed Extract


As the name would suggest, grapeseed extract is made from the ground seed of particular grapes – notably those that produce red wine and includes a number of beneficial antioxidants – such as proanthocyanidins and polyphenols.

Different antioxidants are beneficial for different parts of the body, for example, flavonoids for heart health and beta carotene for eye health. Having a range of antioxidants in your diet gives your system the highest level of assistance and support.


While there is still research going on for the range of benefits that grapeseed extract provides, below are some ways it has been found to be beneficial for those who use it.

  • With the high level of antioxidants present, grapeseed extract helps maintain and support your immune system.
  • Providing support for venous circulation, grapeseed extract can help your circulatory system to function better, allowing oxygenated blood to return to your system more easily.
  • As our capsules are combined with Propolis there is the extra benefits of further antioxidants, which help reduce symptoms of cold and flu.


Collagen is an essential part of a healthy system, and is needed for your skin, as well as for muscles, tendons, ligaments and even bones. The natural integrity of collagen can be reinforced by the antioxidant properties of grapeseed strengthening your body’s connective tissues. This can also help to provide the necessary protein for skin, bones and blood vessels.

Comvita have developed Grapeseed Capsules with Propolis. Created by bees as a natural defence to the hive, Propolis contains immune supporting properties due to it being rich in antioxidants and works alongside the grapeseed to help support healthy immune function.

You can check out our page dedicated to grapeseed, or head straight to our online shop to purchase Comvita’s Grapeseed Capsules with Propolis.

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