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How tea tree can help you fight bad breath



We’ve all been concerned with the state of our breath at some point, and it can be an incredibly embarrassing experience. Sometimes it can seem impossible to rid yourself of bad breath – especially when living a busy lifestyle with fast food as your most convenient meal option.

There are a number of solutions available – you’ve probably tried a few already – but tea tree is a lesser-known natural ingredient that may help to improve the freshness of your breath.

Tea tree is a type of oil, also known as Melaleuca oil, which comes from the leaves of a plant known as Melaleuca alternifolia. It is native to Australia, and so is more prominent here than anywhere else in the world. Through numerous studies, researchers have found it to have certain positive benefits.


Several studies have taken place to determine how effective tea tree is against bad breath. In South Korea, at the Eulji University School of Nursing, a solution that contained tea tree oil along with other essential oils was developed and given to 32 subjects. The findings suggested that oral odour could be significantly reduced as a result of using tea tree oil.

In Switzerland, scientists at the institute of preventive dentistry and oral microbiology at the University of Basel explained how it works. They reported that the ingredient actually decreases the number of bacterial colonies within the mouth – making for better breath.


It’s incredibly easy to introduce tea tree into your daily oral hygiene routine – all you have to do is purchase toothpaste that contains this particular ingredient.

It’s important to point out that tea tree alone isn’t going to be enough to ensure you have good oral hygiene. You need to be doing all the regular activities recommended by dentists – brushing your teeth twice a day, and flossing at least once a day.

If you would like to start bringing tea tree into your daily oral hygiene routine, then a great place to start would be Comvita’s propolis toothpaste. It has the added benefit of Propolis – which is produced by bees to assist in the defence system of the hive. Because of this, Propolis is often famed as nature’s best defence and can assist with your oral health.