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Immunity Booster for your Toddler


immunity-booster-for-your-toddler As featured in the Mother & Baby magazine, page 89.

With the warmer months long gone and the temperature starting to drop, it’s likely your little one will be more susceptible to catching a cold or the flu. But it’s not all bad news, as every bug your tot catches helps strengthen his immune system. According to Dr Stephen Hadges, olive leaf extract may help build up the immune system as well.

“Olive leaf extract has traditionally been used as strong antimicrobial agent proving beneficial for supporting the immune system,” he says. “Australian research has shown us that fresh-picked olive leaf extract helps provide support and relief of symptoms of the common cold and flu, coughs and fevers.”

If you think your toddler won’t be interested, mix one teaspoon in with his morning juice or smoothie and begin to beat those winter woes.

*If symptoms persist, it is advised to see your health professional.

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