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Manuka makes skincare easy


manuka-makes-skincare-easy Great skin begins with a great diet; to look healthy on the outside you have to be healthy on the inside but sometimes, getting all the nutrients you need, not to mention the proper amounts of sleep and exercise, can be tough.

Manuka honey fits easily into your lifestyle and makes taking care of your skin, easy. We supply a range of Manuka honey products with varied UMF ratings and it only takes a small amount to see its rejuvenating benefits.

Edible Manuka is really easy to add to your daily diet. Simply add 1-2 teaspoons to your favourite recipes, use it by itself as a spread for wholemeal toast, stir a spoonful into a smoothie or better yet, treat your skin directly by combining it with other great natural products to make a DIY face mask.

Mandy Jhamat, Managing Director of international well-being company, Yogasphere, discovered the unique properties of Manuka after a friend used it as a natural remedy following a traffic accident. Since then she has been using Manuka honey directly on her skin for 15-20 minutes once a week as part of her beauty routine to moisturise and care for her skin.

If however you’d prefer a ready-made skincare product, why not try our Manuka Oil. Suspended in almond oil, which is also known for its moisturising properties, just a few drops of this highly purified blend of oils leaves your skin feeling truly nourished.

Use it as part of your daily cleansing routine or make time to fully enjoy its therapeutic properties by using a few drops as a massage or bath oil as recommended by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).

Don’t wait for your skin to need TLC, create a natural beauty routine with Manuka and enjoy radiant, healthy looking skin every day.

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