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Mother Nature's Magic Leaf



By Kim Beach, posted 5th May, 2016. As featured on the Kim Beach blog website.

I believe that whole natural food and regular training is the key to a long and healthy life. I also know that things can get in the way and sometimes we need a little help from Mother Nature to give our body the help it needs to deal with a hectic and busy lifestyle! In the past I have shared some of the fantastic natural supplements that I take and today I would like to tell you about another natural advantage that I use every day….. Olive Leaf Extract.

For centuries the fresh leaves of the Olive tree have been used to promote health and wellbeing in Mediterranean countries. They are a powerful antioxidant and help maintain cardiovascular health and normal cholesterol levels in heathy individuals and also support normal blood pressure…. basically it’s a magical little leaf that is well worth adding to your daily health regime.

I am also a big fan of Australian companies growing their products locally and sustainably and this is exactly what Comvita do at their Queensland Olive farm. I know a lot of other supplements contain lots of overseas grown ingredients so I love that everything is grown locally and picked fresh daily.

With winter almost upon us taking Olive Leaf Extract is a fantastic way to support your immune system, fight infection and relieve cold symptoms, they even have a kids version that is 100% natural and tastes like mixed berries! I use the liquid extract which I sometimes add to smoothies but it also comes in easy to swallow one-a-day softgel capsules.

I love this little video which shows you the Olive groves and the dedication of the Comvita family.

As a special offer for you to try Olive Leaf Extract, Comvita have given me a unique discount code KIM20 to share with you to receive 20%* off your order via their website: http://www.comvita.com.au/products.

Kim x

*Must log in or register to the Comvita website to use the discount to apply on the Olive Leaf Extract products only.