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Natural remedies for minor injuries


natural-remedies-for-minor-injuries The majority of people don’t have access to world-class medical advice if they are injured playing sport. World-class athletes have someone they can rely on, whereas most of us must learn to look after ourselves. The commonly used RICE procedure (rest, ice, compress, elevate) should be followed straight after a sport injury incident. But natural remedies that can help speed the recovery process are not so widely used.

Here are a few things you might want to try to help fast track your recovery.


Vitamins are essential to the body’s the healing process, and can be important in helping to prevent minor injuries occurring in the first place, or minimizing the effect. In the first two weeks following a minor injury, vitamin C is particularly beneficial along with vitamin A and magnesium.


Although they aren’t as well known as vitamins, flavonoids can have a great impact on the health of your body. They are essentially plant pigments that have a positive effect on proteins such as collagen. They are also useful in helping to reduce mild inflammation that may be a result of the injury.


Bromelain is incredibly useful and is a protein extract found in the stems of pineapples and exists within both the plant and the fruit. Not only can it help to reduce inflammation immediately following an injury, but many doctors recommend it following surgery to prevent swelling from occurring. There have been numerous studies to determine the extent of its effectiveness.

One such research project investigated boxers, who are known to suffer from head traumas due to the nature of the sport. 74 individuals received bromelain while 72 didn’t. Of those that did, 58 had no signs of bruising after four days, while in the other group just 10 were deemed to be bruise-free.


If the injury you have suffered is more than just a knock, and the skin has been broken causing you to bleed, then we have the perfect solution. Our Medihoney Antibacterial Wound Gel helps you deal with a cut in three ways; it cleans it of dirt and dead tissue, protects against the risk of infection and introduces a moist environment that helps the wound to repair.

But it isn’t just for cuts; this product will work with other minor skin conditions including grazes, burns and abrasions. It’s always handy to keep some in the cupboard for any cut or graze.

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