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Our Olive Leaf Story


Comvita is proud to own the world's largest specialised olive leaf grove located in South East Queensland, Australia.

Julian Archer (founder and olive leaf ambassador) shares the history of Olive Leaf Australia and why his family found fresh picked olive leaves were best. Comvita purchased Olive Leaf Australia company in 2007, and continues to be the leading Olive Leaf Extract brand in Australia.

Olive Leaf Farm Timeline

In 1990s

Founders Ray and Delphine Archer noticed people drinking olive leaf tea during a Mediterranean trip in the 1990s, they became interested in its medicinal potential.

In 2001

Olive Leaf Australia sold our first bottle of Olive Leaf Extract (OLE), and now sells over 1,000 bottles a day in Australia and exports to 20 plus countries.

Committed to producing an extract with the greatest medicinal activity possible, the Archers tested over 60 olive varieties from a dozen countries; the variant of the species with the highest antioxidant yield remains a closely-held secret to this day.

In 2007

Claude Stratford and Alan Bougen, founders of Comvita, purchased Olive Leaf Australia and the second plantation in 2013. Today we have over 700,000 olive trees across two plantations in South East Queensland.

Testimonials from those who have tried Olive Leaf Extract reinforce the scientific findings and suggest a wider range of benefits than those initially investigated. The thousands of testimonials we receive are used to guide further research into the benefits of this natural health wonder.

Our specialised on-site extraction facility enables the rapid extraction of freshly harvested olive leaf extract, so every drop is fresh-picked and fresh-processed.

About Comvita

In 1974

Beekeeper, Claude Stratford, and natural health advocate Alan Bougen, established the Comvita company. Their mission was to 'produce natural products that improve the community's health.' That belief in the healing potential of natural ingredients, as well as the drive to formulate them into quality wellness products, led to the company's rapid growth into one of the most well known and loved natural health companies in the world. Read more 'About Us' on Comvita's full story.

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