The Love & the Logistics of Emerging from Isolation with Dr Nikki Goldstein

For most of us in recent months, life has been contained to the four walls of our home. The time in physical isolation has put our relationships under the microscope as we made sense of the parameters of the new normal.

Yet, as we’re starting to ease out of this period, we’re facing a new outside world that’s been given a shakeup in terms of our relationship wellbeing. In her second session for Comvita’s Wellness from Home program, relationship expert Dr Nikki Goldstein, shares her insights on the changes we may face as singles or married couples.

"““Everything flows and nothing abides, everything gives way and nothing stays fixed." As ancient philosopher Heraclitus once said.

For married or partnered couples, Dr Nikki shares wisdom on staying grounded:

  • Take the positive insights from isolation to carry into the new way of living: reflect on all the lessons you’ve learned about each other as keeping in mind positive aspects of your partner will create a lasting effect.
  • Make the most of a flow on effect from a positive mood: Avoid feelings of insecurity when your partner is eager to get back to normal. In fact, access to friends and hobbies that make your partner happier will likely create a happier flow on effect in your relationship.

For singles, Nikki shows how a new mindset will work in your favour:

  • Re-evaluate what you’re really looking for: Isolation has taught a lot of people to revalue what they place importance on in life and love. Be conscious of any shifts that may have occurred in your needs when going out into the dating world.
  • Embrace online dating: With social distancing in place for some time, online dating is our new norm. Singles will need to rely more on online dating and need to take it seriously, recognising there are a lot of great people looking for dates and relationships online.

Dr Nikki Goldstein is a qualified Sexologist, Educator and an Author of several expert articles and books on relationships, dating and sexuality. Dr Nikki Goldstein’s advice on relationships is not that of a medical Doctor with her credentials relating to the highest level of study in her chosen field. This advice is not intended to provide advice for, diagnose or treat any medical or psychological conditions. The views expressed by Dr Nikki Goldstein are her own, and not those of Comvita™.


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