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Time To Spring Into A New Routine!



With spring approaching, you may have already noticed that the days are becoming longer and mornings brighter.

We suggest that you make the most of the extra daylight hours, milder weather to kick-start a new health and fitness routine. It has been said that “spring is the time of plans and projects” (Leo Tolstoy) and we couldn’t agree more!

More sunlight means…

When ultraviolet light hits your retinas, a chemical reaction takes place in your brain that aids your sleep rhythms, helping you sleep at night and to feel more energised during the day.

The sun, when it hits your skin, also supports your vitamin D levels. In the autumn and winter the lack of sunlight exposure may mean your D stores are depleted, which can leave you feeling fatigued or even suffering from illness.

Scientists at the University of Copenhagen have discovered that Vitamin D is crucial to activating our immune defences and that without sufficient intake of the vitamin, the T cells will not be able to react to and fight off serious infections in the body.

More exercise means…

Although spring does mean more sunlight exposure, we may still find that it is hard to find the motivation to exercise but interestingly, exercise actually triggers the production of the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. All of these neurotransmitters contribute to the regulation of mood, emotions, stress and pain, meaning that our mood is elevated and stress is actively reduced when we are very active.

The spring time is a chance to transition, for the majority of people, from being fairly sedentary and inactive to being active again. The key is to build up fitness levels gradually during this period rather than to overdo it and cause injury. Introducing or reintroducing exercise into your life is key to improving your health and wellbeing.

To stay healthy, the recommended amount of physical activity is 150 minutes per week through a variety of activities. For any type of activity to benefit your health, you need to be moving quick enough to raise your heart rate, breathe faster and feel warmer. This amount of exercise has been proven to significantly reduce the chances of suffering from several major illnesses, including mental illnesses.

Spring into a new routine…

Forming habits when we are feeling happier and more motivated are much more likely to stick with us, so start afresh this spring. Create a health and wellbeing plan with incremental, specific, goals that are achievable – setting a goal to complete a marathon in a month is never going to happen, don’t set yourself up to fail! If your goal is, for example, to improve your fitness and take less sick days off from work then plan out the steps that are likely to get you there.

Ask yourself if there are things holding you back – do you want to exercise but feel unwell? Do you feel too tired at the end of the day to exercise? Are you eating the right foods? Are you stuck doing the same exercises for the last 10 years?

Many of these questions can help to restructure your fitness and wellbeing routines. Take food for example: simple improvements to your diet with plenty of vegetables, a reduction in sugar or even including supplements such as Comvita® Olive Leaf Extract Immune Defence Capsules can help you to maintain the normal function of your immune system and are all a good starting point.

So use this spring to start your healthier pledges and fitness plans and let us know how you get along!