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Tips for a happy Winter


Tips-for-a-happy-winter We’re very lucky in Australia to have relatively mild winters compared to other parts of the world. But getting the ‘winter blues’ can happen to anyone, anywhere. So instead of wishing the time away, why not take some time to enjoy all the positive things to enjoy throughout winter…

A great excuse to catch up on reading.

With the short winter days our outdoor activities can take a back seat, visit your local library and find an interesting book to read. Some of the many reasons why reading is good for you is it can reduce stress, improve vocabulary and improve your memory.

Invest in quality winter clothes & heating.

Being cold definitely tops the list for why we dislike winter, so instead of complaining and getting annoyed about it, buy some quality winter gear including clothes, blankets, heaters – it’s worth the investment!

Plan your spring vegie garden.

Think ahead with what herbs and vegetables you’d like to plant in your spring garden. Write out a list of all the equipment you need and the seeds you’d like. To make the most of your garden, choose vegetables to grow that are expensive to buy or that you eat regularly.

Stay active with winter sports.

While it’s tempting to stop all forms of exercise during winter, remember how good you felt after your last workout? You can choose something different to your usual routine, why not try hot yoga or indoor rock-climbing.

Maintain a balanced diet.

Nothing quite hits the spot like a warm hearty meal, just remember to include all your favourite veggies and use low fat oils, like olive oil. A poor diet can leave you feeling fatigued and depressed.

Keep the flu away!

Nothing puts a dampener on winter quite like the dreaded cold or flu. Prevention is better than cure, so don’t forget to keep up your daily dose of Comvita Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf Extract to boost your immune system.