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We Love Winter




At Comvita, we love winter. The cool clear days with winter sun shining down – it’s a wonderful time to take life a bit slower. Our olive grove in Queensland is a picture of serenity in winter as our olive trees rest in preparation for their main shooting and flowering in spring.

Not everyone likes to slow down in winter, and it’s especially important to make sure our immune systems are well supported to get us through the winter months. Taking care of our wellbeing in winter means we can enjoy our favourite things and make the most of this wonderful season.


We asked the Comvita Australia team to share what excites them about winter. Here are some of the things our team loves about winter .. we hope you feel inspired.

“Opening my storage box full of winter boots. It feels like Christmas in July.” Ana, Sales & Service Consultant

“Friday night outdoor movies, all rugged up and eating pizza” Anna, Category Development Manager

“Cold winters morning, everything seems so much fresher and crisper. Mother nature puts on beautiful sunrises, spiderwebs and olive trees glisten with dew early morning and everything feels a little more relaxed.” Melissa, Site & Administration Manager

“Cosy nights in and using all my candles, nicer to light them up during winter with a good book” Tiba, Sales & Service Manager

“Sitting next to the fireplace and toasting marshmallows with my daughter” Susan, Management Accountant

“The end of daylight savings!” Carolyn, Key Account Manager NSW

“Snow on a sunny day” Jenny, Key Account Manager VIC

“Getting into comfy PJs, and rugging-up with a warm blanket and a hot chocolate… Mmmm.” Nicole, Key Account Manager QLD

“Rugged up, feet up & watching the footy with Winter fix food aka Curry.” Matt, Key Account Manager

“Getting up at 5am to go into my garden and get the chill winter air on my face and open all senses for a great start to the day.” Nancy, Senior Sales & Service Consultant

“The moment you walk into a wood-fire heated room after a long, cold walk outside and the feeling of immediate warmth surrounding you” Kristin, Logistics and Planning Analyst

“Hiking without the humidity” Jane, Sales & Service Consultant

“You can still wear shorts as it’s not really that cold in winter in Brisbane” Simon, Chief Sales Officer (and originally from England).

“Eating my way through all the winter food festivals at South Bank (bring on Regional Flavours and the Night Noodle Markets!)” Alyson, Sales Planning & Pricing Manager

“Warming up first thing in the morning with a hot cup of Montville coffee.” Aaron, Operations Manager OPA

“Comfort food – Soup/stew and the smell of fresh bread to go with it.” Priscilla, Admin & Export Coordinator

“It is so amazing to see our breath in the cold day. Our lungs are working yaaaaaa.” Annie, Accounts Receivable Manager

“Winter weekends at the Bach, a deserted beach is a wonderful thing.” Jael, Digital Manager ANZ

“Jumping into the spa pool when the weather is super cold (below 5C)!” Ronnie, Training and Retail Manager ANZ

“Eating hearty soups and stews” Monique, Quality Coordinator

“More outdoor exercises and sunbathing” Onelyn, Sales Order Administrator

“Sunday morning sleep-ins under a nice warm doonah” Eileen, Account Administrator

“Cold clear nights by the firepit with my family” Jenny, Quality Compliance Manager