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What you need to know about treating Eczema



As featured in Take 5 magazine, 28th April 2016.

Eczema or dermatitis can be frustrating, not to mention painful, especially if it’s gotten to the point where the skin is bleeding or weeping. Although it might feel like it will never heal, here are a few tips you can try at home developed by naturopath and author of Digestive Solutions, Michele. Wolff…

Try a natural topical cream

Many people are now avoiding prescription steroid creams due to the side effects. Natural eczema options such as Comvita Medihoney Natural Eczema Cream is a good alternative as it’s moisturising and it helps to maintain the skin’s natural barrier.

Avoid added fragrances

These can be anything from shampoo, soap or moisturiser. While they may smell lovely, they can lead to stinging skin if they’re in products you apply topically. Opt for natural fragrance-free products instead.

Keep your nails short

Despite knowing better, it’s hard for even the strongest-willed people to completely avoid scratching. Keep your nails as short as possible to help avoid doing more damage to your skin if you do give in and scratch the affected area.

Wear breathable fabrics

Stick to breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen. Synthetic fabrics lead to more heat and sweating, which will likely irritate any problem areas and trigger a new flare-up.

Pat yourself dry

Instead of getting out of the shower and rubbing yourself dry with a towel, pat your skin gently. They rubbing action can dry out the skin and will irritate the top layer of already dry skin. For more tips, visit www.medihoney.com.au.