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Why You Need 'Fresh' Picked Olive Leaf Extract This Winter!



Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf Extract may be the secret when it comes to helping support or boost your immune system and build a strong front-line winter defense.

So, what makes Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf Extract so special?

Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf Extract, uses a water extraction process to draw the extract from the leaves of the young olive trees, to maintains the potency and efficacy of the essential phytochemicals such as Oleuropein. Oleuropein is found naturally in olive leaves and responsible for providing the antioxidant properties shown to support the immune system.

The growing, harvesting and extraction processes used for Comvita’s Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf Extract are regarded as specialized and respected the world over.

Olive leaf farming specialists harvest the leaves at sunrise from high strength and mature olive leaf trees in the olive groves in South East Queensland and the liquid is extracted using the unique fresh leaf extraction procedures carefully designed to maintain the integrity of the antioxidant compounds. By lunchtime, the fresh picked golden olive leaf extract liquid is reserved to be bottled.

This ensures the product is as fresh and efficacious as possible, 100% natural and may helping provide relief from the symptoms of coughs, colds and flu, sore throats and upper respiratory tract infections.

Olive Leaf Extract has traditionally been used in Western herbal medicine to support the immune system, maintain general wellbeing and to relieve symptoms of coughs, colds and flu. Check out the benefits, history and research behind Comvita’s Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf and be sure to Pick Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf Extract this winter.