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Why You Need Olive Leaf Extract In Your Life



By Sally O'Neil, Editor in Chief. As featured on The Fit Foodie Blog website, posted on 9th May, 2016.


Olive leaf is the pretty silver leaf of the olive tree – you’ve probably spotted them in orchards (a little like vineyards) when you’ve travelled to Mediterranean climates, though we can grow them here in Australia too. Olive oil is well known for its flavour and health benefits, but the leaf has been used medicinally for centuries too. Olive Leaf Extract is made by extracting the liquid from the leaves along with the nutritional benefits. Olive Leaf Extract can then be used to supplement a healthy lifestyle – cause if you’re reading this, that's what you’re all about, right?!


Olive leaf extract has a long history of use. A variety of studies show that Olive Leaf Extract works against a wide variety of symptoms and diseases. It has traditionally been used to improve immune function, fight infection and relieve the symptoms of a common cold. In addition, we now know it also helps us:

  • Maintain a normal blood glucose balance in healthy individuals. In other words, less blood sugar spikes and crashes.
  • Detox! It has been shown to have an antioxidant capacity almost double green tea extract and 400% higher than vitamin C.
  • Reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors.
  • Reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Healing various infections within the body with its anti-microbial activity.
  • Reduce inflammation.

Comvita’s Olive Leaf Extract for cardiovascular health has been specially formulated to deliver a high intake of olive leaf phenolics (the potent bit) needed to help maintain a healthy heart.


Olive Leaf Extract is perfect to add to your favourite smoothie, protein shake or juice for an antioxidant boost. Try this nourishing MANGO LASSI for a great way to start to the day!

Ingredients - Serves 4


  1. Cut the juicy flesh off the mango (the riper they are, the better), leaving the stone in the middle and trimming away all the skin.
  2. Place the flesh and any juice into a blender with the yoghurt, olive leaf extract, ice cubes, rice malt syrup and cardamom (if using).
  3. Blend until smooth.
  4. Serve immediately.


Comvita’s Olive Leaf Extract can be purchased from your local pharmacy or health food store, or shop online directly with them right here.

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Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.