7 things to know about Olive Leaf Extract

  1. To bring you the FRESHEST POSSIBLE Olive Leaf Extract, we harvest the leaves at sunrise and extract before noon.
  2. Traditionally used to support the IMMUNE SYSTEM.
  3. Olive Leaf Extract is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to RELIEVE SYMPTOMS OF COLDS & FLU, coughs, sore throat and upper respiratory tract infections.
  4. Our extraction process preserves OLEUROPEIN plus other naturally occurring polyphenols.
  5.  Don't like liquids? Our High Strength Olive Leaf Extract Capsules delivers the same amount of Oleuropein in each daily dose. 
  6. A great daily supplement - with NO ADDED alcohol, artificial colours or preservatives.
  7. Scientifically researched to support CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH in healthy individuals. 




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