Medihoney® Antibacterial Wound Gel™

Medihoney® Antibacterial Wound Gel™ works great for minor skin wounds. It is clinically researched to assist wound healing and reduce the risk of bacterial infection. Made with Comvita®’s medical grade antibacterial Manuka Honey, it is the perfect addition to your first aid kit.

Medihoney® Antibacterial Wound Gel™ has three actions:

  1. Heals – Assist wound healing.
  2. Cleans – Cleans the wound of dirt and bacteria.
  3. Protects – Reduces the risk of bacterial infection.

Suitable for:

  • Burns, cuts, grazes, mild ulcers and eczema wounds
  • Family including children of any age

Directions of Use: Apply a generous quantity of Medihoney® Antibacterial Wound Gel™ directly onto the wound or an appropriate dressing. Cover wound with dressing and change when required.

Precautions: Do not use if allergic to honey. People with life threatening allergies to bee venom should consult their health professional before use. Due to the low pH balance of the honey, some people may notice a transient stinging when used in wounds. Serious wounds should be managed under the care of a healthcare professional.

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