Fresh-picked from our farm in Queensland, Australia, Comvita Olive Leaf extract retains its key polyphenolic compounds, led by Oleuropein. Consistent with the Mediterranean diet, Olive Leaf has shown to help support both healthy immune and cardiovascular systems.

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Original Flavour 500ml - Fresh-Picked Olive Leaf Extract bottle front

Olive Leaf Extract Original Flavour - Fresh-Picked Oral Liqu ...

Olive Leaf Oral Spray Box

Oral Spray - Fresh-Picked Olive Leaf Extract 30ml

Olive Leaf Immune Defence Capsules

Olive Leaf Immune Defence Capsules 150 Capsules

Lozenges 12s - Olive Leaf Extract with Manuka Honey BOX front with ingredients

Lozenges - Olive Leaf Extract with Mānuka Honey 12 Lozenges


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Spring Olive Outdoor Bundle

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Cardio Wellness Bundle

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Olive Lozenges - 40s 3-Pack

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Olive Leaf Extract High Strength Capsules - 3-pack

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Olive Leaf Extract Immunity Bundle

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