We’ve taken our nearly 50 years of expertise to craft a new solution – combining the power of our UMF™ 10+ Certified Mānuka Honey with well-researched, safe, natural and effective ingredients to deliver a range of Mānuka products that have been specifically formulated to be safe for children.

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Kids Olive Leaf Extract

Children’s Olive Leaf Extract - Mixed Berry Flavoured - Fres ...

$35.50 $24.85

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Kids Soothing Pops

Kids Soothing Pops With UMF™ 10+ Mānuka Honey 15 pack

$19.94 $13.96
Kids Honey 500g front of jar

Kids Honey 500g


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Little People Pack

$70.35 $42.21

40% OFF

Kids Winter Bundle

$55.44 $33.26

30% OFF

Something Sweet Pack

$59.85 $41.90

40% OFF

Throat Soothers Pack

$82.24 $49.35

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Mr Bear Colouring Book

Mr Bear Colouring In Book 1 ea


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