Bee propolis is one of nature’s natural defence systems, it contains active bioflavonoids, with antioxidant properties. In its most pure and potent form, Bee Propolis range carries a PFL™ mark that tests purity and quality, measuring key flavonoids for supporting your immune system.

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Propolis Tincture PFL®15 box front

Propolis Tincture PFL™15 25ml

$30.95 $18.57
Propolis Extract Alcohol Free PFL®15 box front

Propolis Extract Alcohol Free PFL™15 25ml


40% OFF

Propolis Capsules PFL®30 100s box & bottle front

Propolis Capsules PFL™30 100s

$79.95 $47.97

40% OFF

Propolis Capsules PFL®15 100s box & jarfront

Propolis Capsules PFL™15 100s

$59.95 $35.97

40% OFF

Propolis Extract Alcohol Free PFL®30 Box & Bottle Front

Propolis Extract Alcohol Free PFL™30 25ml

$59.95 $35.97

40% OFF

Propolis everyday capsules jar front

Propolis Everyday 200 Capsules

$78.95 $47.37

40% OFF

Propolis Capsules PFL60 box & jar

Propolis Capsules PFL™60 60 Capsules

$169.95 $101.97
Propolis Oral Spray

Propolis Oral Spray 20ml

Propolis Oral Spray Extra Strength box front

Propolis Oral Spray Extra Strength 20ml


50% OFF

Propolis Capsules PFL®15 365s box front

Propolis Capsules PFL™15 365s

$164.94 $82.47

40% OFF

Propolis Capsules PFL®30 250s box & bottlefront

Propolis Capsules PFL™30 250s

$179.95 $107.97

40% OFF

Propolis Toothpaste box front

Propolis Toothpaste 100g

$6.95 $4.17

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