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Olive Leaf Extract


Olive Leaf Extract

Comvita Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf Extract comes from our own specialist olive leaf plantations in South East Queensland. We have over 750,000 olive trees from which we produce our premium quality Olive Leaf Extract. Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf Extract is traditionally used to help relieve the symptoms of coughs, colds and sore throats and is a powerful antioxidant. With our MediOlive® trademark, you can trust you are getting a high-grade olive leaf extract – the same extract used by researchers worldwide. Try our Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf Extract today. Click here for a store near you.

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Around the world, research papers showing the potential health benefits of Olive Leaf Extract are being widely published in respected journals and publications.

Based on several published research papers on Olive Leaf Extract, here is a list of summarised benefits:

  • Cardiovascular Support - May help to support cardiovascular health – this is supported by research in published in in the European Journal of Nutrition.
  • Blood Sugar Support - Helps support healthy blood sugar – published in the peer-reviewed journal PLosOne conducted by The Liggins Research at the University of Auckland.
  • High Antioxidant Support – Olive leaf has demonstrated high antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.


15mls in your daily juice or smoothie is a great way to get a super antioxidant boost. In a recent laboratory study, Olive Leaf Extract was shown to have the highest free radical scavenging activity out of fifty-five medicinal herbs tested. Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf Extract is twice as strong as green tea and five times stronger in antioxidant activity than Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

Among our range, you’ll find something suitable for all ages so everyone in the family can enjoy its health benefits.

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How It’s Made

All Comvita Olive Leaf Extract products contain our fresh-picked olive leaves harvested from our farm located in South-East Queensland, Australia.

Comvita has developed an extraction process with detailed operating procedures, in process inspections and final product specifications to ensure a high quality product. Documentation and record keeping is an important part of the manufacture of Olive Leaf Extract allowing full traceability from the finished bottle of Olive Leaf Extract back to the tree that the leaf was harvested from. Each batch of Olive Leaf Extract is sampled and tested to meet Final Product Specifications.

Comvita is proud to manufacture the fresh picked Olive Leaf Extract ensuring that our customers always have a high strength, high quality product made from a fresh daily harvest. You are guaranteed to get top quality, naturally sourced products. Experience the OLE benefits for yourself!

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